Yale PRIDE Program

The PRIDE Call Center will schedule a home visit for you. Once at your home, a PRIDE Team Member will gather data related to you recent health, fall risks, and medication usage. This should only take about one hour of your time. The PRIDE Team Member will:

  • Coordinate a visit by a PRIDE Visiting Nurse to assess your need and eligibility for services.
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment with your primary physician.
  • Arrange transportation to and from your home to the doctor and back, if required.

Soon after PRIDE’s initial home visit, a PRIDE nurse visits you at your home to assess:

  • Gait or Mobility Problems
  • Balance Difficulties
  • Lower Body Weakness
  • Suspected Neurological Conditions
  • Postural Hypotension
  • Vision Issues
  • Problems with Heart Rate and/or Rhythm
  • Medication review & consultation
  • Familiarity/Access to Community Resources
  • Durable Medical Equipment needs

Participation in PRIDE is free, fast, and easy.